5 Habits of Healthy People

When it comes to nutrition, establishing healthy habits is key. Here are the top 5 things I focus on for optimal health.

1. Get enough sleep.
This goes beyond common sense, but it’s often the first habit we screw up. If you mess with your sleep, chances are you’re gonna get sick or will end up over-trained, so remember these things.
-Try to keep a regular bedtime routine.
-Keep your room as dark as possible.
-Stay away from electronics 30 minutes prior to going to bed.

2. Eat Real Food.
With as many social events as we have between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, food is going to be a challenge. Protein is often the missing component at most parties. Consider these tips to keep on track:
-If you’re asked to bring something to a party, bring some meat!  Meatballs, shrimp cocktail, mussels, etc.
-Eat before you go. I will often eat a protein before heading out.
-Enjoy stuff you wouldn’t normally have, with some limits. If you have 5 parties in the next 3 weeks, you can’t cheat at every one without paying the piper.

3. Lift some weights.
If you have limited time to exercise, spend it in the weight room. You’ll end up in the long run with a leaner, more muscular body. If you’re going to have less time than usual during the holidays, keep in mind the following:
-Do whole body routines, especially if you won’t be in the weight room more than 3 times in a week.
-Keep your rest intervals short.
-Focus on multi-joint movements (squats, deadlifts, chinups, dips, etc.)

4. Lower the stress level.
This isn’t the time to let things get to you. Focus on the stuff that really matters and manage the rest. This a great time for simple meal planning. It’s also a great time to focus on stress-relieving habits.
-Get a weekly stretch or massage.
-Keep a grateful log at night (list 10 things your grateful for).
-Say no to stuff that’s not really that important.

5. Drink tea or coffee.
This is one of the best health habits that takes little effort. Teas can be a great way to calm down in the evening and both coffee and tea can help if you didn’t follow habit number 1.
-Drink organic coffee.
-Drink a variety of teas.
-Drink both beverages out of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. Leave the plastic at the store.