GRIP Life December 2021

GRIP Life December 2021

We are thankful for all of our clients and wish you a wonderful holiday season. We have some important staff changes occurring this week, see below. Also the Holiday gym schedule, an informative video on a new metabolic health company and the importance of blood sugar regulation. Watch the video for a chance to save 25% on a supplement of your choice. Our nutrition section features a few new recipe ideas and a GRIP favorite. Our focus is still to protect the host. We will dig deeper into blood sugar control, sleep, stress, and movement as we finish out this year and bring in 2022 with our Consistency Challenge.


GRIP Center Holiday Schedule:12/24 Christmas Eve Day- closed12/25 Christmas – closed
12/31 New Year’s Eve – open until 2pm1/1 New Year’s Bootcamp @ 11am

12/2-12/4 Mitch will be attending the Perform Better Meeting of the MindsSeminar in Rhode Island.
Niko-Niko has decided to pursue a career in logistics. His last day at GRIP will be Tuesday November 30th. We will miss him. If you train with Niko currently, I am working on the schedule and will contact you with options. Darius has accepted a full time position at GRIP and will be helping with this transition.
Upcoming TravelIf you have dates that you will be gone during December or in the upcoming year please let me know so I can update the schedule.
Cancellation Policy: Text me 24 hours in advance and you will not be charged. I will let your trainer know of any changes.


In this video Dr. Mark Hyman sits down with Dr. Casey Means, CEO and cofounder of LevelsHealth is a metabolic health company. You can sign up to purchase a Continuous Glucose Monitor and and the Levels app. Levels tracks your blood sugar in real time giving you a direct view into how your food and lifestyle affect your blood sugar. It allows you to personalize your diet and optimize your metabolic health. Dr. Mark Hyman asks great questions and the information will give you a whole new perspective on the importance of blood sugar control. If you would like to know more about CGMs, Mitch and I are both wearing one currently and we love the personalized data we are getting from them. Diet and lifestyle can make a huge impact on your health and longevity.Bonus! Watch the video above and take this quiz. If you score 80% or better you will receive 25% of a supplement of your choice.Take the QUIZ


GRIP Veggie Challenge
The results of our veggie challenge were amazing. 1508 cups of veggies were consumed during the two week challenge.”Nutrient density and the quality of your food determines the quality of your health”Mark Hyman Pegan DietGood Eats…a few things to tryA few years ago Mitch and I came up with umteen coleslaw recipes. Coleslaw is cold and crunchy, such a switch from most veggie dishes. At the end of our coleslaw spree Mitch’s Damn Good Coleslaw took the prize. You can find it on our recipe page. Well, I think this Autumn Cabbage Salad is a close second place or maybe first place to Mitch’s recipe. It has numerous textures and flavors featuring roasted sweet potatoes, carrots , bell peppers and pecans mixed with a citrus dressing. It lasts quite a few days so make a big batch! Next up is the famous 21DSD Spaghetti Squash Bolognese. This recipe is a GRIP favorite and perfect for the colder evenings. Sub out the ground pork for chorizo for a little added zip. Lastly, the Crockpot Jerk Chicken is very tender and oh so flavorful. Super simple to make and can be used in so many ways…chicken with a veg, topped with pico and served over cauliflower rice in a bowl or used for tacos. All of the recipes are meal
prep ready. Give them a try!Autumn Cabbage Salad Spaghetti Squash Bolognese Crock Pot Jerk Chicken


When it comes to training, nutrition, and lifestyle, consistency over intensity will always yield the best long term sustainable results.
Coach Brad

January 2022The Consistency Challenge
More info coming soon!
Cold & Flu Season

If you have symptoms that could be Covid please get tested before coming in to workout. We are too small a team to have anyone out because of an exposure. If you’re in doubt please contact us and we can advise you. We want to keep everyone healthy and safe.
Please leave your shoes and boots outside the door…
As winter nears and the snows flies we really appreciate you leaving your outdoor shoes and boots outside the door. The road salt breaks down our rubber gym floor. Thank you in advance!