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Mitch Shook Grip Center


Personal trainer, nutrition coach, and owner of GRIP Center, Mitch holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and has been certified by NSCA, ACE, NASM, PIMST, and FST. He is also a Level 3 Poliquin International Trainer and a specialist in Biosignature Modulation, an effective fat loss system that addresses hormone imbalances and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, and impaired cognitive function.  Mitch has worked as a personal trainer and strength coach in the Grand Rapids area since 1999, and throughout his career he has helped people of all ages achieve their health and fitness goals. He specializes in providing customized nutrition and exercise programs that result in optimal health. He is committed to educating his clients and holding them accountable to ensure their success.

Brad Steenwyck


Brad graduated from GVSU with a finance degree but decided to pursue his passion for fitness and helping others. He is a certified trainer and has a strong interest in program design. He has completed the DTS Level 1 and Kilo Program Design certifications to better understand how to best assess and program for his clients. In his free time you can find him hiking, playing with his dog, or enjoying the outdoors. He has a strong desire to help people achieve a long, happy, healthy, and pain-free life through fitness.

Alexis Miller Personal Trainer Grand Rapids


Alexis earned a bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College in Exercise Science and is currently certified as a NASM personal trainer and as a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST). Alexis is currently working on her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is passionate about the mind-body connection and holistic healing. Striving to meet clients where they are at in their journey, Alexis creates practical programs and enjoys working with clients of all abilities that are looking to reconnect to their bodies in a safe and personal way.

Jamie Miller Personal Trainer Grand Rapids


Jamie’s passion for an active lifestyle is evident from the moment you meet him. His desire to teach others about the physical, psychological, and social benefits of exercise led him to the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM) where he became certified as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. Jamie also works as a fine artist and singer/musician, and in his free time he loves taking advantage of what nature has to offer.

Conner Hollemans Personal Trainer Grand Rapids


Connor truly enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals. After completing two years at Calvin University, he acquired his NASM certification and worked in Holland as a personal trainer. His favorite part of training is seeing how the body reacts to different types of workouts, and he loves to teach others about how to fuel and support the body with optimum nutrition. When Connor’s not in the gym, he enjoys golfing, soccer, cooking, and masonry.

Darius Mckinney Personal Trainer Grand Rapids


Darius is a clinical exercise science student and ACE-certified personal trainer that understands the importance of enjoying the little things in life. He loves spending time with his family and pets, eating healthy and delicious foods, and helping people become a more confident and healthier version of themselves. He made a career change from engineering to do what he’s passionate about in fitness. Darius specializes in strength training, as well as weight management, and he is more than willing to help you toward any wellness goal that you have in mind.

Taylor Benavidez


Taylor is certified as a NASM personal trainer and is currently an exercise science student at Grand Valley State University. He recently finished 5 years of active duty military as an infantry sergeant, and that is where his passion and love for fitness really grew. Taylor cares about functional and holistic fitness and enjoys helping people become more fit and healthy in everyday life. In his free time, he enjoys DJing, powerlifting, and competing in 5k, 10k, and Spartan races.



Paul graduated from WMU with an industrial engineering degree and is currently finishing up his master’s in human performance from Liberty University. He is a NASM certified tactical strength and conditioning facilitator, Army master fitness trainer, and CrossFit level 1 certified. He is passionate about all aspects of health and wellness and enjoys helping people on their journey to optimize their health span. Outside of the gym, Paul enjoys competing in Spartan races, DekaFit, and Hyrox and loves spending time outdoors with his wife and dog.


Evan attended Northern Michigan University and worked as a professional cook before discovering his passion for fitness and nutrition. He previously worked as an intern at GRIP. Evan understands the weight loss journey from personal experience, and he loves being able to help others change their lives. When not training, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, hiking, and playing basketball.


Elyse is a graduate from Michigan State University earning a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in health promotion. She completed a performance nutrition internship with Michigan State Athletics, where she was able to assist in the fueling of all olympic sport athletes. Elyse grew up playing high level sports and has a passion for physical activity while promoting healthy lifestyles. She has her NASM certification in personal training and nutrition coaching and hopes to be a positive motivator to all people in the gym. In her free time, Elyse enjoys being outdoors, playing volleyball, and traveling.