My Favorite Summer Recipes

I love this time of year for going to our local farmers market. My favorite is at Fuller and Fulton here in Grand Rapids. Late July and August are some of the best times to get an amazing variety of veggies while they are fresh. Eating local not only supports our local farmers, making sure we will have access to organic and sustainably grown foods, it also is a great way to build your microbiome with local bacteria.

One thing I’ve been trying to incorporate Into my diet is more mushrooms . Every week I buy a different mushroom at the market. Instead of making a new dish which can be hit or miss, I make the same dish I know I love and just substitute a different mushroom. I love this creamy mushroom dish and its very quick and easy to make and always a hit. To get more veggies I will often serve it over steamed green beans but you can serve it over any cooked veggie and its great.

Here is the recipe. You don’t need a fancy mushroom either, this a great with a simple button mushroom. However, there are tons of benefits to mushrooms, including immune boosting, adaptogenic properties and even some brain boosting benefits. Walk on the wild side and try some new mushrooms, this recipe is very easy to incorporate new ones.