Health and longevity start with what you eat and how you move. At GRIP, we make nutrition an integral part of your consultations and programming.

We start with a focus on eating whole foods and making incremental changes to improve your nutrition. We meet you where you are on your health journey, whether it’s paleo, keto, plant-based, autoimmune, low carb, fasting, or the standard American diet. Our goal is to find the nutrition template that works best for you and to get the results that you desire.

We strive to break down all parts of nutrition so you understand the “why” behind your nutrition decisions. We teach nutrient density, caloric density, macros, meal planning, and meal prep. By offering accountability, recipes, and education we hope to inspire our clients to eat for their health.

One of the ways that we support you on your nutrition journey is by hosting nutrition-based events for our community, such as:

  • Meal Prep Event - focus on prepping food for the week
  • Meal Event - focus on portion size and the macros (protein, fat, and carbohydrates)
  • College Night - focus on quick and easy meals for our college clients to keep them on track while away from home.
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox / GRIP Sugar Detox - focus on eliminating added sugar
  • Whole30 - focus on eliminating foods that cause sensitivities and inflammation
  • Breakfast Club - learn what foods are best to break your fast and start your day
  • Veggie Challenge - learn how to get vegetables into your meals and why they are important
  • GRIP Salad Bar - focus on building nutrient-dense salads

We love helping people achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. If you’re ready to get started with us, please fill out the contact form to learn more.