Many clients travel for business on a regular basis and others enjoy vacations here and there. Getting away can be fun, or part of your weekly routine. Either way, it is best and less stressful to plan ahead. We put together a basket of items we feel are helpful for staying on plan while away.  Below is a brief description of items in our basket.

The GRIP Travel Guide:

Available at GRIP or here as a PDF. This guide contains information for staying ahead of the game while traveling. Many ideas came directly from our most successful clients. We cover what to do before your go, while away, and once you are back.


During travel is an important time to stay consistent with your supplement protocol. Environment and food choices may differ but your supplements can stay the same. We are happy to put your protocol into “pre-packs” that are much easier to carry with you. We can do this for any protocol. If you are traveling across time zones be sure to check into the Jet Lag pre-packs that we have.

Protein Snacks:

When traveling and eating out, finding quality protein is usually one of the hardest things to do. We recommend taking some with you. Some of our favorites are:

Keto Coffee:

Adding MCT oil to a coffee can often buy you a couple more hours of feeling satiated and focused.

Healthy Fats:

Healthy fat that can also be satiating. Many companies are now making small travel packs. These can be used alone as a snack or added to carrots, celery etc.

Olive Oil Travel Packs:

A favorite for sure. Easy to pack and convenient to use. If your accommodations have a kitchen these can be used for cooking instead of having to buy a large bottle of olive oil. If you are eating at the airport or a restaurant just drizzle a little olive oil over your salad, add salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon for a delicious healthy salad dressing.

  • Kasandrinos Olive oil:


Remember to take along sunscreen if traveling to somewhere sunny. The Environmental Working Group website has a list of sunscreens with safe ingredients. Take a look at their list or scan products while shopping using the Healthy Living App. We like a score of 3 or less. Environmental Working Group

The following products scored well but always check each individual product.

Sunscreen Ressources