What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

When most people work or stretch their body they think of muscles and joints, but the what’s surrounding those organs is just as important. Fascia stretch therapy, or FST, is a table based assistive stretch that targets the most prevalent tissue in the body. What exactly does it do and what are the benefits, we will break it down for you?


For starters let’s talk about what we are stretching. The Fascia is a huge network of connective tissue ran throughout the entire body. It is found around muscles, joints, nerves, bones, brain, and other organs. Most common injuries and loss of flexibility include the fascia in some way. With proper stretching you can release pressure and stress in the fascia, helping to improve flexibility, mobility, and even boost energy.


Here at GRIP Center we are trained and ready to help you get the right stretch. You will lay on a table and receive cues on inhaling and exhaling. This will help to center your breath and slow your nervous system. We will then begin stretching your tissues to the first resistance, taking care to listen to your body and tissues for cues on their limits. This often a very relaxing experience for our clients and a great time to relax your body and mind.


When there is a problem with your fascia it can be painful but taking care of it can make all the difference. The benefits of FST are huge! FST works to reduce the pressure and tightness of the tissue allowing for better blood flow and improving your circulation. When added to physical therapy FST can help realign or loosen the fascia that may have been damaged or distorted and increase mobility and healing. As such, it helps to improve your flexibility and mobility by loosening and strengthening your fascia. FST uses a method called traction that creates a space between the joints allowing them room to breathe and function optimally, this can give joint pain sufferers immense relief. It can also greatly improve posture, not to mention your overall health. Those that move better, and lighter can exercise and enjoy the little things life fully.

Fascial stretch therapy is one small thing you can do to greatly improve your overall health and lifestyle. GRIP Center is here to help you on your journey to a better moving life today! Contact us today or call us (616) 460 – 5254 today for more info!